Racing wear

Karting SUPRA

Our Karting racing overall is a high quality product. It complies with CIK-FIA N2013/1 standards.
Manufactured with the best and most advanced materials on the market to give the Driver high performance and maximum comfort and protection against abrasion.
You can decorate it with your embroidered logos or textile vinyl. Tailor made or in standard size.

– CIK N2013/1 Standard.
– 2 layers.
– 100% Cordura Dupont.
– Sizes: 40-62 or tailor made.


FIA Fireproof t-shirt

Customizable and standard
The Refresh Galuppo t-shirts are made of flame retardant Nomex, a soft fabric that offers superior breathability. Very useful for endurance and long distance races. The advanced thermoregulation and the special treatment of the fabric regulate body temperature avoiding sweat and neutralizing bad smell. Available in five colors.

– FIA 8856-2000 standard.
– Refreshing
– 100% Nomex
– Sizes: S / M / L / XL.
– Colors: white, gray, black, red and blue.
– Customizable on white base.

FIA Dynamic Bottom

Dynamic bottoms from Galuppo underclothing are made out of fireproof Nomex fabric, with an elastic fit for more comfort. Like all of our underclothing products, they comply with FIA standard 8856 2018. The special fabric regulates body temperature and avoids sweating. 


  • FIA 8856 2018 standard
  • 100% Nomex
  • Sizes: S / M / L / XL
  • Colors: white or black

FIA Balaclava

The Dynamic balaclava helmet complies with the new FIA 8856 2018 homologation. It is made with flame resistant Nomex for the highest protection. The special fabric regulates body temperature and avoids sweating. They are customizable with your logos and are available in black or white. 


  • FIA 8856 2018 standard
  • 100% Nomex
  • One size
  • Colors: black or white
  • Customizable

FIA Socks

The Galuppo FIA socks comply with the new FIA standard 8856 2018. They are made of Nomex fireproof material for extra protection. This material is flexible and breathable, which makes it perfect for an endurance race. 


  • FIA 8856 2018 standard
  • 100% Nomex
  • Sizes: 39-42 & 43-46
  • White color


CIK-FIA Karting Gloves

Our Karting gloves are made of flame resistant Nomex material to protect the hands from fire and heat. They also include a leather palm that makes the handgrip much more secure. The outer sewing makes them extremely comfortable and they are available in both standard and customized models.


  • 100% Nomex
  • Outside seams
  • Sizes: S / M / L / XL
  • Colors: red, black, yellow and blue 
  • Customizable


FIA Boots

Our fireproof boots comply with the FIA Standard 8856 2000. They are manufactured in suede with leather insole. Made of heat resistant and flame-retardant materials with an outer layer of leather and Nobuk, also lined with Nomex material. The sole is made of non-slip rubber resistant to oils and hydrocarbons. They have a Velcro strap for a better fit. Our FIA Boots will guarantee you breathability, optimal softness and a lightweight fit. 


  • FIA 8856 2000 standard 
  • Nomex and outer layer of leather and Nobuk
  • Sizes: 39 – 46
  • Colors: white and black / white and red / white and blue
  • Customizable
  • Suitable for Racing and Karting

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